10 Financial Management Tips for College Students

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A college student’s income is usually a combination of money from their student loan, scholarship, minimum wage part-time job, and parental assistance. Many students do not qualify for a scholarship, and their student loan primarily covers tuition; not everyone’s parents have the resources to support them through college. Therefore, most students are on a tight budget, and saving money in college is a mission impossible. If you have expensive taste, it is time to get accustomed to ‘slumming it’. While the idea may sound dreadful, let me assure you that this is part of the adventure called ‘college life’.  Read More  

8 Hacks to Help You Survive a Long Motorcycle Trip

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Spring season is the best season to take your motorcycle out and go for a long trip where you can get the chance to relax and enjoy nature to its fullest. We always encourage our fellow motorcycle enthusiasts to continue making plans and go on incredible adventures to enjoy their motorcycles to the fullest. It’s also effortless to travel on motorcycles as there aren’t many complications that need to be dealt with when driving a bike. Read More

10 Family Staycation Ideas for a Fun-filled Summer

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Summers (or school breaks) are usually the perfect time to plan faraway vacations, especially if you have kids at home. A change of scenery and routine is precisely what the whole family needs to relax and have a good time. However, traveling to another state or country can be a very costly affair; taking care of minors in a foreign place is a stressful job. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your zip code to make this summer unforgettable. You can plan so many fun activities in your own house and hometown while saving a lot of money on travel fare and hotel lodging. Have you ever considered a staycation instead? Read More

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Shoulder Exercises for Better Strength Training

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Are you wondering how you could improve your performance in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Well, don’t worry because we have you covered! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is considered one of the most sophisticated forms of martial arts and the best sport to use as self-defense. However, it’s considered one of the most difficult and serious sports. It requires a lot of determination, rigorous training, and concentration from an athlete. Often, people begin training before they start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes or perform additional training to excel at the sport. Read More

Interview with Pink and Flow Organizer

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Breast cancer affects so many lives both young and old. Treatment takes its toll on patients, families, and their pocketbooks. Lifesaving treatment is bankrupting for so many of breast cancer’s victims, but there’s an organization that aims to help with that burden. Check out this amazing interview with Emily Laput, the young woman at the heart of a fundraiser to help women pay for their breast cancer treatments. Read More

Best Exercises for Your Recovery Workout

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Exercising is one of the best ways to rejuvenate ourselves, to feel fresh and alive! We feel extremely alive after a hardcore, whether it is mentally or physically. Nothing compares to that rush of blood that goes through your body after a workout. But, what about after? Do you go hardcore and then skip that recovery workout, or do you stretch and soothe those muscles?  Read More

Journaling for Mental Health and Personal Growth

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Journaling often gets a bad reputation. On TV, we see it reflected as childish, girly, gossipy, or even egotistical. The truth is, journaling can be a stress reliever, therapeutic, self-reflective, and a recipe for a new and improved you. It’s one of the best ways to learn about yourself and how to achieve your goals and dreams, as well as finding your way to inner peace of mind. Read More

How Leg Exercises Can Help You Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels

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We all consume sugary items in our daily lives. In fact, almost all of the carbohydrates that we eat turns into glucose in our body and are stored in our blood when we need to burn it off as energy. Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but the diet these days tends to have a lot of sugar in them, and we consume it in great amounts without thinking of the repercussions it might have on our health. Leg exercises are a great way to reduce your blood sugar levels and impact your health. Read More

Getting Ready for College: 10 Things Kids Should Do During Junior Year

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College might seem far away to your children when they’re about to start their junior year of high school. Many students don’t give college a lot of thought until senior year, which is a huge mistake. The college preparation checklist is long. Thus, the sooner they start, the better. Junior year is the ideal time to get most of the preliminary stuff out of the way and significantly reduce stress during senior year. Planning ahead puts your child at an advantage during the college admissions process. Learn the 10 things your child do to start getting ready for college. Read More

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