8 Hacks to Help You Survive a Long Motorcycle Trip

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Motorcycling through the hillside
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Spring season is the best season to take your motorcycle out and go for a long trip where you can get the chance to relax and enjoy nature to its fullest. We always encourage our fellow motorcycle enthusiasts to continue making plans and go on incredible adventures to enjoy their motorcycles to the fullest. It’s also effortless to travel on motorcycles as there aren’t many complications that need to be dealt with when driving a bike.

Motorcycles are pretty easy to maintain, and they are also a lot cheaper to own than a car. Motorcycles can drive through traffic and navigate narrow roads and streets smoothly. Imagine traveling to the northern US and easily accessing roads and paths that other vehicles cannot reach those places. 

There are some disadvantages, no doubt, such as not being able to travel with more than one person. You’re also completely exposed to the environment where you are vulnerable to experiencing harsh weather such as rain, thunderstorms, fog, snow, and dust storms. And let’s not forget the most significant disadvantage of managing our luggage.

Be prepared for a long motorcycle trip
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When you travel and take trips, you want to look your best and feel comfortable and secure as much as possible. When you own a car, this concern isn’t that big because you have plenty of space where you can securely keep your luggage and precious expensive items. Motorcycle enthusiasts have difficulty looking their best because they must manage the amount of luggage they carry and how they take it.

Our biggest and best savior in such times is a motorcycle saddlebag! There are two kinds of saddlebags available, which can be easily installed onto our motorcycles. They are:

1. Hardcover Motorcycle Saddlebags

hardcover motorcycle saddlebags
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Hardcover saddlebags have a hard exterior, making them ideal for when you have to travel through unpredictable weather. They are waterproof and come with the option of having a secure lock. You can lock away your precious electronics such as laptops and iPads and secure any other luggage bags with this storage option.

However, hardcover saddlebags are also challenging to install, and many times, they are specifically designed to fit your motorcycle model. You also can’t simply take these saddlebags off and then reinstall them on your motorcycle when you are at a hotel and take your luggage with you. Hardcore saddlebags are also not spacious, so you need to pack your belongings strategically to make sure everything fits in your saddlebag properly.  

2. Softcover Motorcycle Saddlebags

softcover motorcycle saddlebags
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Softcover saddlebags are not waterproof, so you are not advised to carry electronics in them because there will also be the risk of ruining your belongings in the rain or snow. 

Softcover saddlebags are very spacious and can be quickly taken off and then installed back on your motorcycles to pack many things and carry the entire saddlebag with you if need be. 

When planning a long trip, you need to seriously consider what kind of a saddlebag you should be carrying and when deciding, you need to consider further some elements that are related to your trip:

3. Length of the Trip

taking a motorcycle trip
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It is essential to know how long the trip will be to know how many things you should or can carry when packing your belongings. You don’t want to overpack and increase your luggage’s weight, especially if you plan to travel on rugged terrain because you’ll be in danger of losing your balance and falling over.

4. Weather Forecast

beautiful views from a motorcycle
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Being aware of the weather forecast will help you be prepared for the weather changes you might experience, such as rainfall and heavy snowstorms. This knowledge will help you pack and keep the equipment you might need to ensure you travel safely. 

5. Important Equipment to Keep

motorcycle equipment
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Keeping spare equipment such as master links, a small tool kit with tools like a Swiss knife, extra tire tubes, and a small hand pump (in case of a tire puncture) can come in handy on the road. Chances of finding help on a long trip are not guaranteed, and you should always prepare yourself for the worst. 

6. How To Protect Your Clothes

 protect your clothes
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Nobody wants to ruin their clothes because of the water or dirt that you might come in contact with during a motorcycle trip. Our number one suggestion to avoid this issue is to wear biker clothes such as leather pants and leather jackets over your normal clothes. These are waterproof and water-repellent to help protect your actual fancy clothing underneath. 

7. Places You Can Secure Your Belongings

Secure your belongings in motorcycle saddlebags
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Other than just your saddlebags, there are ways of securely and tactfully putting expensive valuables such as money, phones, and keys in your shoes, socks, jacket, and even your gloves to ensure they are safe and near you at all times! 

8. How To Pack Your Luggage

How to pack for a long trip
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Our number one piece of advice is to roll your clothes and to pack them strategically according to how important they are and what you would need access to the most. This way the luggage you carry will fit properly in your saddlebags but also ensure that you don’t need to take all your belongings out to find just one item. 

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8 Hacks to help you survive a long motorcycle trip
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