Interview with Pink and Flow Organizer

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Emily Laput with presenting sponsor, Brown Roofing. Representing Brown Roofing is the owner, Eddy

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Breast cancer affects so many lives both young and old. Treatment takes its toll on patients, families, and their pocketbooks. Lifesaving treatment is bankrupting for so many of breast cancer’s victims, but there’s an organization that aims to help with that burden.

Check out this amazing interview with Emily Laput, the young woman at the heart of a fundraiser to help women pay for their breast cancer treatments.

It’s the Small Stuff: What made you interested in the fight against breast cancer?

Emily: I first got involved with Seymour Pink in 2017 when I was in seventh grade. My intention was to find a hobby where I could make an impact and volunteering for them seemed like an excellent opportunity. I quickly learned that this commitment was more than volunteering. My second family was at Seymour Pink. The connection and love of the Seymour Pink community is unmatched and contagious. In between Seymour Pink events, I found myself feeling like something was missing, so I started volunteering at their gift shop on Saturdays. Seymour Pink has been there for me as I’ve grown up. They have taught me valuable life lessons and gave me a purpose. 

It’s the Small Stuff:  How did Pink and Flow Yoga come about?

Emily: I have been wanting to host a yoga fundraiser ever since the Seymour Pink Marine Corp Marathon team held one in the summer of 2019. Fitness has been an important part of my life, and hosting a yoga event would help me share that love with others. I’ve had the idea of a yoga fundraiser saved in my phone reminders during the pandemic. I anxiously waited for restrictions to lift so that I could hold it in person. This summer felt like the perfect time to do it. People have been itching to leave their homes and spend time with others. Yoga has a magical gift of facilitating togetherness and unity.

Pink and Flow Yoga Logo
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It’s the Small Stuff: What is your goal for Pink and Flow?

Emily: With my past fundraisers for Seymour Pink, my goals were monetary, such as raising $4,000. This time, I want to focus more on the “why”. I am hosting Pink and Flow to give back to an organization that has helped me. The funds raised are an aspect of that, but they’re not everything. One personal goal that I have is to expand my outreach, so I’ve established a Facebook presence for the event @pinkandflow and also have been focused on visiting businesses around Connecticut to spread the word about Pink and Flow. A community-wide goal for the event is for friends to register together. Fundraising events are meant to be social and are all about making memories while doing good. To encourage others to bring their friends, I made a coupon code for those who register more than one person (BRINGAFRIEND).

It’s the Small Stuff: What would you like people to take away from the event?

Emily: Piggybacking off my previous answer, I want people to leave the event feeling fulfilled and affirmed because they are making an impact just by attending the event. I want people to make the most of the event by participating in the various activities at Pink and Flow, such as the raffles and getting a smoothie (as well as the yoga). 

Emily Volunteering at Seymour Pink
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Emily volunteering at the Seymour Pink booth at the Closer to Free Event

It’s the Small Stuff: How can other people get involved?

Emily: The first way to get involved is by simply registering for the event. It’s only $25/person and you can register at Other avenues are becoming a sponsor if you own a business. People could also volunteer for the event by reaching out to me via email at Resharing posts on the @pinkandflow page help spread our mission and encourages others to get involved, too. There are many ways that you can get involved with Pink and Flow.

It’s the Small Stuff: Is there anything else you’d like people to know?

Emily: Online raffles will go live on August 1st. You do not have to attend the event in order to participate in the raffle. There are over 20 amazing raffles from businesses like Athleta, Verbena Holistic Center, and Mary Kay. The event is sponsored by Brown Roofing. Pink and Flow is on Saturday, August 14th from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Riverwalk Circuit Training in Seymour, CT. The all-levels yoga class will be led by Victoria Mellah, owner of Yoga Mobile Studio.

Make a difference in someone’s life. Register for the Pink and Flow event on August 14th. 

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