Creating a Game Plan to Boost Your Daughter’s Confidence and Self-Esteem

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We may not always think about it, but children are just as susceptible to self-esteem issues as adults. Both boys and girls can suffer from low self-esteem. Notwithstanding, young ladies will generally have difficulties here more frequently. 

Research shows that teen girls are significantly more prone to developing eating disorders. Stress and depression make this self-harm more likely to occur. More distressing is that young women think about and attempt suicide at twice the rate of young men at the same age.

While high self-esteem and confidence levels may be important to all children, many girls are especially at risk.

Are you wondering how you can help your daughter have an emotionally healthy and rewarding life?

Boost her skills & self-esteem
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Help Her Develop Skills and Her Self-Esteem

Start by finding something she’s good at and help her develop that skill into a talent. When your child finds something they’re good at, they will feel better about themselves. As they grow in talent, their self-esteem will grow too. They will feel special and capable as they forge a skill that makes them stand out.

As a parent, you already know the activities your daughter enjoys and the things she excels at. Use this knowledge to identify something your daughter loves to do and help her excel at it. This small act will help her confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket.

If your daughter likes sports or is willing to give them a try, sign her up for team sports. Studies show team sports give girls higher self-esteem, improve physical health, boost social involvement, reduce obesity, and more. Aside from these amazing benefits, team sports are also a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and get involved in the community.

Getting your daughter involved in sports also teaches her how to overcome adversity. Wins increase self-confidence while losses teach sportsmanship and overcoming obstacles. 

Another important aspect of building your daughter’s self-confidence is your love. She needs to understand that your love isn’t conditional, that you’ll love her no matter what. All children need to know that they are loved regardless of their choices or success. When they do not doubt this, they are happier and more successful.

Skills: Dancing
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Let Her Express Herself Through Her Own Style 

Encourage your daughter to develop her own unique style. Music, hair, nails, and clothes are all part of the style and identity she’ll craft for herself. Remember, her choices may be far from your own preferences but, creating your own identity can create emotional stability. This foundation can be a fantastic footing for self-esteem and confidence.

Set the Example

As a parent, you should set a good example. Your daughter sees and hears everything you do. If she hears her mother disparaging her how she looks or obsessing about her weight, this sends a negative message. When fathers treat women unequally or disrespectfully or make inappropriate comments about women, it can also send the wrong message too.

Before you act or speak, you should always consider how your daughter interprets your behavior and comments.

Praise Effort

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Having your approval is vital to growing self-confidence. Don’t get hung up on outcomes. Effort is the road to success. Both are worthy of your acknowledgment, but it’s not possible to be successful all of the time. Focus on commending your daughter’s effort. No child is good at everything. There are things your child simply won’t be good at. Instead of being critical, let your child know you see the effort they’re putting forth on tasks they struggle with.

Teach Her to be Assertive

Having the ability to direct and influence your own life builds. Assertiveness puts your daughter in the driver’s seat and keeps her from being subject to the whims of everyone around her. When your daughter learns to be assertive, she’ll know that her opinion and wishes are important.

Teach Her to Try New Things

Trying new things can be scary. Teach your daughter that overcoming that apprehension is a good thing. By learning to put away her fears and seeing the unknown as a challenge, your daughter will be able to submerge herself in new activities, skills, and people, which will help her confidence to soar.

Society’s Role

Society treats our sons and daughters differently. Inequality starts early, and by addressing this early, you’ll be able to 

Parents are instrumental in building their daughter’s self-esteem and helping them grow into thriving adults.

Please note, if your son or daughter is experiencing severe issues or if you’re alarmed by their behavior, please consult a professional.

Boost your daughter's self esteem
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