10 Family Staycation Ideas for a Fun-filled Summer

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Summers (or school breaks) are usually the perfect time to plan faraway vacations, especially if you have kids at home. A change of scenery and routine is precisely what the whole family needs to relax and have a good time. However, traveling to another state or country can be a very costly affair; taking care of minors in a foreign place is a stressful job. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your zip code to make this summer unforgettable. You can plan so many fun activities in your own house and hometown while saving a lot of money on travel fare and hotel lodging. Have you ever considered a staycation instead?

If you’re stuck at home and bored, try these 20 family staycation ideas for a fun-filled summer.

Visit local Tourists Spots and Attractions

Many of us never acknowledge historical monuments and landmarks in our hometown. It is time you explore your own region because being local does not prohibit you from doing so. Take your kids to the nearest zoo, planetarium, animal sanctuaries, and museums to create heartwarming memories. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can check out some of our travel posts.

Plan a staycation museum visit
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Staycation Ideas: Organize One-Day Road Trips

If you own a family van or RV, you can plan one-day road trips to neighboring towns or the countryside. You can indulge your family in all the classic road trip games/activities and find interesting stuff to do on the outskirts of your city. 

Conduct Themed Movie Nights

Plan a movie night every week and select a different genre every time. One night it can be horror films, next time animated motion pictures, then superhero flicks, comedy movies, and so on. Make sure to arrange for an endless supply of popcorn, soda, and any other favored snacks.

Backyard Camping

This staycation idea is as close to home as you can get, your very own backyard! If you have ample backyard space, let it be your private camping ground. You can set up tents, start a small fire to make S’mores, and even do some outdoor barbeque. 

Quiet Staycation Ideas, Arts and Crafts Day

Discover the creative side of your family by dedicating a day to arts and crafts. Check out doable DIY projects on Pinterest and purchase the required art supplies. You can also include natural resources, such as rocks and leaves. 

Cooking is one way to have family fun.
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Cooking/Baking Competition

Cooking and baking with the family is an entertaining experience, especially if you turn it into a competition. At the end of the day, your kids shall learn some survival skills, and you might discover a secret master chef in the house. 

Fancy Brunches and Suppers

You don’t always have to order from a restaurant or go out for fancy food/buffets. You can prepare an elaborate brunch or supper at home by including all the family favorites on the menu. You can get creative by adding your own twist to traditional recipes and perhaps invent your own signature mocktails. 

Go Hiking/Cycling for an Active Staycation

Look up hiking trails and cycling tracks in your area to pursue an outdoor adventure with the family. These kinds of activities are fun and ideal for promoting the health and fitness of your loved ones. Avoid cycling on city roads and streets, as there is always the risk of auto accident injuries. 

Plan a beach day
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Beach or Pool Party

If you live near the seashore, make use of the local beaches in summer. If a beach is not accessible, organize your own pool party in the backyard with an inexpensive inflatable pool, water guns, lounging chairs, chilled drinks, and beach balls. 

Yearlong Staycation Ideas, Game Nights

You can keep the family occupied for several hours with board games like Monopoly, exploding kittens, codenames, and scrabble. You can also do charades, UNO, an escape room, or organize a scavenger hunt. If it is an all-adults gathering, you may play poker and a range of drinking games. 

Author Bio: John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who loves to travel and share his life experiences. He encourages readers to improve their quality of life by incorporating positive thoughts and actions. He is also a health & fitness enthusiast and contributes to various online platforms in the same niche.

10 Family Staycation Ideas for a Fun-Filled Summer
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