Journaling for Mental Health and Personal Growth

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Journaling often gets a bad reputation. On TV, we see it reflected as childish, girly, gossipy, or even egotistical. The truth is, journaling can be a stress reliever, therapeutic, self-reflective, and a recipe for a new and improved you. It’s one of the best ways to learn about yourself and how to achieve your goals and dreams, as well as finding your way to inner peace of mind. Read More

How Leg Exercises Can Help You Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels

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We all consume sugary items in our daily lives. In fact, almost all of the carbohydrates that we eat turns into glucose in our body and are stored in our blood when we need to burn it off as energy. Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but the diet these days tends to have a lot of sugar in them, and we consume it in great amounts without thinking of the repercussions it might have on our health. Leg exercises are a great way to reduce your blood sugar levels and impact your health. Read More

Getting Ready for College: 10 Things Kids Should Do During Junior Year

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College might seem far away to your children when they’re about to start their junior year of high school. Many students don’t give college a lot of thought until senior year, which is a huge mistake. The college preparation checklist is long. Thus, the sooner they start, the better. Junior year is the ideal time to get most of the preliminary stuff out of the way and significantly reduce stress during senior year. Planning ahead puts your child at an advantage during the college admissions process. Learn the 10 things your child do to start getting ready for college. Read More

Simple Ways to Live Healthier: Tips for Busy Parents

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Looking to fit healthier habits into your busy schedule? You’re not alone! Finding the time to practice self-care and adopt healthy routines can be tough when you have a full-time job and kids to care for. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your well-being for others. There are several simple things you can do to make your whole body healthier without dedicating a lot of time or mental energy to the cause. After all, It’s The Small Stuff that makes a great impact! Keep reading to learn more about how to live healthier. Read More

Book Review: Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey review

Tupelo Honey is an Independent Press Award-winning young adult book written by Lis-Anna Langston. The primary setting is Alabama, but we also catch glances of locations like Mexico and California too. We journey with Tupelo through time and across the country. We grow as she grows. We get to relish her joy and lament her pain. Tupelo Honey transports you from your reality to Tupelo’s side, wherever she may be. Read on to see my full book review. 

A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Succeed in Online Learning

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School is out for millions of children nationwide as K-12 education struggles with COVID-19. Most children finished the school year online and may even be going back to this in the fall. Many school districts are giving their teachers crash courses in online learning, but we all know parents also play a significant role in ensuring that kids get a first-rate education. Read More

5 Remarkable Workout Benefits of Muay Thai

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Please consider supporting us through Patreon.​​​​ This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy for more information. ​​​​ Many people find martial arts are an exciting way to exercise. They also take part in various types of martial arts to lose weight. Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, is known for its numerous health … Read more

Air Purifier Review: Okaysou AirMic4s

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy for more information. ​​​​​​​​​ Whether we like it or not, our homes are filled with products that put off toxins. While it would be difficult to remove all of the items that off-gas in your house, you have other options. An air purifier is a perfect way … Read more

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