Beach Packing: 14 Essential Items to Amplify Your Beach Vacation!

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Excited about your beach trip and looking to pack smart? Look no further! Here, we’ll guide you through some crucial items to pack, ensuring your beachside adventure is a breeze. All are backed by statistics and sprinkled with diverse perspectives.

The Big Three: Sunscreen, Swimsuit, & Towel

Let’s start with the basics; as the sun peeks out from the horizon, sunscreen is paramount. A whopping 40% of beachgoers don’t use sunscreen regularly, leading to increasing rates of skin cancer. So, apply a good SPF because sunburns are not the souvenirs you want from your vacation!

Next up is your swimsuit, the uniform of the beach. Whether you’re a bikini-lover or prefer a one-piece – bring an extra because nobody likes a soggy bottom. 

Lastly, one could argue that beach towels are easily forgotten but absolutely essential. Regular beach towels get sandy and uncomfortable, but Tesalate towels don’t. They’re also ultra-absorbant and quick-drying. 

Dive Deeper – Think Beyond the Basics

Sure, swimming and sunbathing are fun. But have you considered flying a kite during the sunset? Or how about playing Frisbee? Remember to pack some outdoor games to make the most of the vast sandy playground.

To keep your belongings safe from water and sand, most smart moms would recommend a waterproof bag or pouch for electronics. There are many waterproof, washable, sand-proof bags available. Wouldn’t it be great to keep the sand at the beach for once? 

And don’t forget your portable charger – ideal for those long hours of beach lounging accompanied by your favorite tunes.

Food & Hydration

Bring along a cooler stocked with summer-friendly food and plenty of hydration. Did you know that 43% of beach visitors forget to drink enough water? Staying hydrated is as important as your sunscreen!

Don’t Forget These Beach Essentials

The list above may be the most important items on the list, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only things you should bring. Here’s a list of the other items we always put on your beach packing list.

  1. Snacks – Even if you’re going to the beach solo, you never know when you’ll need a snack.
  2. Umbrella or tent – On a hot summer day, it’s always a good idea to have somewhere to retreat from the sun. 
  3. Beach blanket or chair – It seems obvious, but you need somewhere to sit!
  4. Sunglasses and hat – The sun may be invigorating at first, but a whole day of bright sun is likely to end in a headache.
  5. Labels – Label your stuff so you never use it again. Name Bubbles has the perfect labels for your clothes, water bottles, and other items that could get separated from you.
  6. Wet wipes – Not every beach has a bathroom close by. More importantly, it may be quite busy. Make sure you can clean your hands and messes without a long trek.
  7. Beach toys – If you’re going to the beach with kids, you can’t forget buckets, shovels, and other fun toys, or they’ll get bored pretty quickly.

Conscientious Choices – Going Green at the Beach

With the rising awareness about environmental conservation, eco-friendly supplies are a must. Choose biodegradable wipes instead of regular ones and reef-friendly sunscreens, and do not forget a trash bag to leave the beach cleaner than you found it.

One More Thing…

Finally, never underestimate the value of a good book or a music playlist. Because some beach moments are best enjoyed in the company of a gripping novel or a soothing melody, with these essentials in your beach packing list, you’re all set for a sun-soaked beach vacation! 

Enjoy the sands and surf responsibly and make lasting memories. Remember, life’s a beach!

beach pack: 14 essential items to amplify your beach vacation
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