The Only Pregnancy Book You’ll Need

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Are you looking for an excellent gift for someone special in your life? Maybe you need some advice on pregnancy and conception. If you are thinking about getting pregnant or know someone who is, then you’re probably looking for something other than your mother’s advice.

Bumpin’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy by Leslie Schrock is a refreshingly modern and personal look at having a baby in today’s world.

Bumpin’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy by Leslie Schrock is a refreshingly modern and personal look at having a baby in today’s world.

A Relatable Tone

If you’re older and are having trouble conceiving, you’ll find this book honest and supportive. Even if you’re a younger woman, the frank, sister-like writing style featured will set your mind at ease no matter what your stage of life. It also dishes the dirt that many doctors gloss over, and information moms don’t tend to know. It acknowledges fears and normalizes struggles that women don’t often discuss.

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It Cuts Through the Pregnancy Myths

All of us have heard a million pregnancy myths, but most of us probably aren’t sure which are myths and which are facts. Bumpin’ cuts through these myths and the crazy advice you’re likely to get. It’s a fantastic reference, so you don’t have to call your doctor every time you hear something unsettling or confusing. It will also help you resist the urge to consult with Dr. Google every time you’re nervous about something.

It Puts Together the Pregnancy Pieces

Schrock’s look at pregnancy is comprehensive. She pipes in with her own two sense and doesn’t just spout off the medical advice she’s collected for the book. She gets personal and tells you what her fears and weaknesses were. It’s not just about what pregnancy is like. It collects month by month symptoms, standard tests, holistic pain management for every stage of pregnancy and birth, a guide to maternity clothing you should buy, and more.

It Doesn’t Stop at Birth

The book goes from trimester zero all the way to the “fourth” trimester to give you a look at the big picture. It’s not just about what you should eat or how great pregnancy is. Schrock offers real-world, practical advice on how to get prepared for pregnancy and how to take care of yourself during and afterward. She acknowledges that it’s not all roses and sunshine.

About the Author

Leslie Schrock isn’t a doctor or nurse, but that doesn’t make her any less qualified. She’s an investor and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the health technology field. Her accomplishments include growing Rock Health to being mentioned as one of the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company. She’s also been featured in Wired, The New York Times, and a host of other high profile magazines. Her real qualifications for writing this book are being a woman who has experienced pregnancy and miscarriage first hand. ​

Personal Thoughts and Reactions

My first thought when I began reading this book is, “Ms. Schrock, where were you when I was pregnant?” There were many times when I felt as though I was the only unhappy pregnant woman, or were there others behind those merry, joyful faces? Or, I would have unusual symptoms, and no one understood. No one validated that pregnancy varied from one woman to the next, that it wasn’t always a pleasant or enlightening experience. ​

Schrock’s tone is encouraging and helpful. Unlike other books, it’s much less Chicken Soup for the Soul and more frank and straight forward like Dr. Ruth. The book is a delightful and refreshing journey into conversations and feelings you may not always be comfortable having with other people, including your physician. ​

The Final Verdict

I think this book is a fantastic read for anyone who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant. No book contains all of the knowledge or all of the “right” answers because it simply can’t. Bumpin’ doesn’t claim to have all of the answers or be the best source of information for anyone. It’s a personal, first-hand voice that gently takes your hand and tells you the story of pregnancy.

If you’re looking for a book that goes from conception through to birth with symptoms and solutions, non-medical pain treatment, and most importantly, emotional support, then you’ve found it. This book is a judgment-free zone; letting you everything you feel or don’t feel is perfectly natural and normal. ​

Get the book when it debuts on 12/17!

Pregnancy book review
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