Review of an Organic Produce Subscription

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As parents, it’s our goal to get our children to eat healthy, nutritious food. We spend a lot of time and energy getting them to put green things in their mouths, but what’s equally important is being able to buy those fruits and vegetables. We all know that organic produce is expensive and we often pass it up in the grocery store because it’s simply too expensive.
A company is trying to change this though. Misfits Market is trying to eliminate food waste and bring affordable organic produce to as many homes as possible.  They do this by partnering with local farms to take the “ugly” produce that grocery stores don’t want and then they deliver this food to their customers through their subscription service. That allows them to bring great food to homes for up to 50% less.
Below is my experience upon opening my first delivery. I’ve now had a chance to taste it all and I can say it was amazing. Everything looked and tasted better than what I could buy it for in the store and I got it all for about $25 with shipping. I did pay a little more because I did a 1 time box just to see how it was, but it was well worth it.  Watch my video review to see what you get with this amazing subscription!

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