How Leg Exercises Can Help You Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels

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We all consume sugary items in our daily lives. In fact, almost all of the carbohydrates that we eat turns into glucose in our body and are stored in our blood when we need to burn it off as energy. Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but the diet these days tends to have a lot of sugar in them, and we consume it in great amounts without thinking of the repercussions it might have on our health. Leg exercises are a great way to reduce your blood sugar levels and impact your health.

Blood sugar levels
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Busy Schedules Impact Diet

Because of our busy routine and work schedule, most of us don’t have time to prepare proper meals three times a day, so we opt for convenient store-bought food without thinking of the preservatives in them last longer. Convenient foods are also primarily made out of bread or flour, which is high in sugar and difficult to burn off. It goes without saying that our diets should be as low in carbs as possible and as high in protein and fiber as they can be. But all of this requires time management and strict organizational skills that most of us don’t have time for. 

Fast food increases blood sugar
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Activity Levels Contribute to Increased Blood Sugar

Our consumption of food is not the only reason why we tend to higher blood sugar levels in our blood. Our routine and lifestyle have an immense impact as well. Other habits that discreetly contribute to having high levels of sugar in our blood are:

  1. Not Being Active
  2. Smoking
  3. Bad Sleeping Patterns
  4. Stress and Anxiety
  5. Eating Oily Foods

If ignored for too long high blood sugar levels can also become life-threatening and start to cause damage to your organs, especially if you develop diabetes. There are two kinds of diabetes that a person can have. 

Type A means that your body is not producing insulin at all and that you need to take extra insulin for your body to function normally and dissolve the sugar in your blood or turn it into energy. Type B diabetes means that your body is producing insulin, but that insulin is not getting the signal from your body to do its work. It means you need to control your intake of sugary items and exercise so that the insulin can work better. 

how insulin works
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In either case, you do need to take medication and make drastic changes in your lifestyle. It’s advised that you cautiously notice your body and seriously consider the signs your body is showing so you can take care of the symptoms as soon as possible. If caught at an early stage, you can definitely control your sugar and live a healthier life.

Some of the early symptoms of high blood sugar levels in your blood include:

  1. Feeling Thirsty
  2. Feeling Fatigued
  3. Cuts and Wounds that Heal slowly
  4. Vaginal Infections
  5. Body Rashes

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we strictly suggest you contact your nearest doctor and consult them. 

Exercise Regularly, Especially Leg Exercises

The number one piece of advice doctors give their diabetic patients to do is exercise as regularly as possible. There is no way around it, as you need to use up all the extra glucose in your body by burning it off as energy. When you exercise or workout, you are primarily using your muscles that burn up glucose in your blood and turn it into energy that allows you to move. The more muscles you will use, the more energy you will produce, making your insulin work more efficiently. 

walking leg exercises
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While an overall body workout in shorts or tracksuit will do you many benefits, doctors understand that we have a busy schedule, and we can’t always take the time to work out all the time. Hence, experts and doctors advise their patients to walk for 40 minutes every day, and that walk in itself is sufficient to help you stay active and lower your blood sugar levels.  

power walking leg exercises
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Why Do Leg Exercises Help?

Now you must be wondering how something as easy as walking can help balance out high blood sugar levels? The answer to that is quite simple; our legs are made up of three major muscle sets that make up the largest muscular area of our body. 

The three muscle sets are Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and the Adductors. These sets can be divided into even smaller upper, middle, and lower leg muscles that work together to allow us to move our lower body altogether. Hence even if you do a 40-minute brisk walk, that is enough for your body to burn sufficient amounts of glucose in your blood to balance out your blood sugar levels.

Keeping this logic in mind, we suggest that if you or someone you know has high blood glucose, you should definitely prioritize doing leg exercises or incorporate as many leg exercises in your workout as possible!

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How leg exercises help you reduce your blood sugar levels
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