8 Reasons to Become a Surrogate

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Are you wondering how to become a surrogate? ​ There are several reasons why a woman should choose to become a surrogate. The reasons why a woman makes this life-changing decision to become a surrogate can be endless. And they can vary from woman to woman. Some women simply want to experience the pregnancy journey while others want to simply give the gift of life. Chances are, if you’re considering this life-changing decision, then you already have surrogacy on your mind. But that decision is yours and yours alone. Not every woman is cut out to be a surrogate mother and there’s nothing wrong with that. If are considering or have considered making the difficult decision in the past, then you’ve probably already written a list of pros and cons. ​ We want to help you with your decision by including some added benefits of becoming a surrogate mother. ​

1. Giving Life​

You’re giving one of the most beautiful gifts in life. You’re giving the gift of life. As a mother, the moment your child enters your life, your life changes for the better. You are filled with unconditional love and devotion for their tiny life. You want to experience that first giggle, that first laugh, and that first word. Most of these milestones are what make parenthood an incredible and amazing experience. Giving someone else this gift is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give someone. ​

Not everyone understands what surrogacy takes. Not only are you giving the gift of life, but you’re giving someone the chance to start a family when they are unable to do so themselves. ​
By making this major life decision, you give them these intended parents the gift of life and they’ll feel eternally grateful for your kind decision

Becoming a surrogate allows you to give life
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2. A Beautiful Journey

From the moment you make this life-altering decision, you’re taking on an incredible journey. Women who make this decision are excited about becoming pregnant. Some of them are getting pregnant for the very first time, while others have been pregnant before and have enjoyed the journey. However, if you are considering becoming a surrogate, you may not be in a place where you can expand your family. Or, you have already grown your family. ​ By making this major life decision, you can experience the journey without having to introduce another child to your family. ​ You get to experience what it’s like to expect human life for another family!

3. Financial Compensation

You do get paid for being a surrogate. While financial compensation is not the main reason why women choose surrogacy Sacramento, it’s definitely an added benefit.

You’ll receive a generous compensation if you go through with this journey. You can use this financial compensation towards paying off debts, taking a well-deserved vacation, or taking care of your own family. Many surrogates choose to use this compensation to put money towards a new car or a new house, or to pay off long owed debts such as student loans or credit cards. If they have aspirations of going to school- they can do that as well! ​ There are some who use this payment to start their own business with the compensation.

 The great thing about receiving financial compensation for becoming a surrogate is that the decision is up to you. You get to decide how to spend that money once you receive surrogate compensation.

4. A New Perspective

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Becoming a surrogate is a rewarding gift that will give you a new outlook on life. While this journey is rewarding, it does come with its share of challenges. Most of those challenges are emotionally, mentally, and physically draining.

Making this decision takes a great deal of determination, patience, and persistence.
Going through this journey will make you see everything from a new perspective. You’ll come out of this experience with an open mind. You’ll have a new awareness and understanding of pregnancy and women’s bodies, and a new appreciation for life!  You’ll most certainly have a deeper understanding of other people. Choosing this journey will give you this added benefit of perspective. The ability to see the gift of life from every walk of life that’s different from your own can be a scary and humbling experience at the same time. ​

5. Become a Role Model

Choosing this journey and helping another family grow their family is an incredible act of kindness. Not everybody has this ability. This family wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for you!

You’ll feel a sense of pride knowing that you helped another family fulfill their dream of growing their own family. You’re setting a good example for the family and the future baby. You’re showing your own family and the community your unselfish act of kindness. It takes a special kind of person to carry another person’s child. Carrying human life for someone else is an incredibly selfless and worthwhile act that will have people looking at you differently, and even your own family or children will notice!

They’ll see you as a role model for taking other people’s needs and desires into consideration. ​

6. Gain Self-Confidence

You’ll feel a sense of self-confidence that you never experienced in your life. This is a true fact! Before I became a surrogate, I didn’t realize what I was missing out on, even though I had a wonderful family of my own. After introducing life in the world, you’ll realize the gift of miracles. You helped create a miracle for another family. You’ve given another family the chance to grow their own family and to raise a child. That’s something to feel good about. ​ By taking on this journey, your self-confidence will grow in ways you’ve never imagined it would.

You’re making a big difference to another person’s life. From this moment, your self-confidence will grow to new heights. You’ll feel a sense of pride knowing that you helped someone seek the life they always wanted. ​

7. A Second Family

Most surrogates will form a life-long bond with the family. This connection is so deep, that it’s nothing you can see through most personal relationships. You’ll feel as if you have a second family. This process is so intimate that it establishes the bond of the child, the intended parents, and the surrogate. On the day you give birth, something incredible happens. You give birth to a child who’s no longer connected to you and will go on to have their own life and journey apart from your family. It’s a very interesting and somewhat sad, but joyful experience!

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8. Do Something Special

Only you know if this decision is the right one for you. No one else can convince you otherwise. This is not a light decision to make since it’ll not only change your life, but it’ll also change the lives of those around you.

Depending on your reasons for becoming a surrogate mother, know that this is an incredible opportunity to bring new life into the world. You get to give the gift of life for someone else. You’ll come out of this experience a better person for it. ​ You get to help make someone else’s dreams come true. Women who choose to become surrogate moms do it out of an act of compassion. They want to help an individual or family have a child. You’ll become part of a community of surrogate mothers who are just like you.

You won’t feel alone in your journey. You’ll be surrounded by an amazing group of compassionate and selfless women who have created miracles for others. Whatever your decision for becoming a surrogate, know that it takes a special woman to become one. ​

There are so many benefits of choosing to become a surrogate. This guide should help you make that difficult but rewarding decision.No matter where you are in your surrogate journey, Made in USA Surrogacy will help you with all of the details of the surrogacy process. ​ If you want to know more about becoming a surrogate, feel free to visit our website for more information. ​

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Samantha Giermek

Samantha has a love for children and families. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and worked in social services and adoptions for several years. She also completed a surrogacy journey in 2017 that forever enriched her life.

8 Reasons to become a surrogate
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