8 Museums You Can Visit Online

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You can see famous museums without stepping on a plane
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Are there museums you’ve always wanted to visit but aren’t able to due to distance, time, and/or budget? It can be disheartening to realize there’s so much you want to see, but can’t find the means to view it. That’s why these museums have created virtual tours so you can see the museums of your dreams no matter where you may be.

See the Louvre from You Living Room

See the Louvre from your home
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If you love art – or if you’re interested in history about the former fortress, then you’ll want tovisit the Louvre virtually. This famous art museum offers 360 tours of the Egyptian antiquities housed there and what’s left of the moat. You can also take a peek at the Galerie d’Apollon, which was rebuilt after a fire in 1661. There are also scores of videos to watch on a variety of art-related topics. While it’s nothing like visiting the museum in person, you’ll still get to see some of the world famous exhibits you long to see.

The National Museum of Ireland

Not ready to hop on a flight to Ireland today? You’re probably not alone in that. That doesn’t mean you can’t see the National Museum of Ireland’s natural history exhibits. In fact, you can even sneak a peek at the two balconies the public can’t access. Take a 3D tour of the museum floor by floor from your living room.

Beat the Lines at the Met

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art Online
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The Metropolitan Museum of Artis known around the world for its collections. The museum has created 360 videos you can view of the Great Hall, the Cloisters, the Temple of Dendur, the Met Breuer, The Charles Engelhard Court, and Arms and Armor Galleries. You can view the videos via Google Cardboard or just watch the videos. While it’s not a full tour of the museum, you can still explore the art, architecture, and history without making the trip.

Dreamed of Visiting the Smithsonian?

We all know the Smithsonian is a pretty big place. Comprised of 19 individual museums (including art galleries and a zoo), a visitor is faced with a choice. Which museums should I visit? With so many options, it can be difficult to prioritize. Luckily, some of the museums have developed video and 360 tours of some or all of their exhibits.

For instance, you can see collections at the Natural History Museum and Air and Space Museum. You can also see the Castle and Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the Postal Museum virtual tour. For other Smithsonian and DC area museum galleries and virtual tours, check out the huge list Scholastica Travel has compiled!

If you hate standing in line (or live too far away) but have always wanted to see the Smithsonian, then a virtual visit is right up your alley.

Visit museums online
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Photo by Ramaz Bluashvili on Pexels.com
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Photo by Spencer Davis on Pexels.com

See the Vatican Without the Crowd

The Vatican is a place many aspire to see regardless of whether or not they are Christian or even religious. It’s home to art from some of the most famous painters, sculptors, and architects of their time. Even if you’re art isn’t really your thing, the history of it is just awe-inspiring. Don’t get down in the dumps if you can’t swing the plane ticket, you can view many of the amazing spaces from home.

Ever wondered what the Sistine Chapel looks like? Tour it at your leisure.

If you’d like to see other Vatican Museums, you can view them through the Vatican Museum and Stockholm 360. Take a trip to Italy through your laptop tonight.

Immerse Yourself in the Art at the Dali Museum

If you enjoy surrealist, cubist, or Dadaist, or modern art, then Salvador Dali should be on your list. Dali’s work has fascinated generations of art aficionados with his versatile and imaginative work. If you can’t make it to Spain, you can still get a taste of the paintings and objects at the Dali Museum with their panoramic virtual tour. ​

The British Museum

The British Museum has been working with Google to make sure people around the globe don’t miss out on all of the wonderful objects they have in their collections. You can view the galleries via Google Street View and experience what it’s like to be there in person. Google Arts and Culture will tell you the stories behind the objects and artifacts. Immerse yourself in history and culture throughout the ages without having to get out of bed.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

See It All with Google Art Project

While not technically a museum of its own, Google Art Project lets you access art from all over the world. Art Project works with more than 250 museums and institutions. The artwork featured comes from 6,000+ artists. You can view 45,000 works in high definition. Projects include diverse subjects from the Holocaust to the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Palace of Versailles. With such a vast collection, you can see more than you ever could on a trip. ​

Want to See It, Google It

With the power of technology at your disposal, you can find so many resources. While not every museum offers a virtual tour, there are plenty of other ways to see some of what they have to offer. Check out blog sites, photos from Google Maps, Instagram photos and more. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can take a virtual visit to just about anywhere.

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